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Sales, Engineering and manufacturing in Suzhou.

Software Design Engineer

Location: Suzhou, China

What you will do:

1. Software development for control systems for electric vehicles and control/display panels for industrial vehicles;

2. Interfacing and collaborating with hardware design, verification & validation engineering and testing engineering to

    ensure that the final design of a product completely meets the pre-defined requirement;

3. Sustainment and upgrade of existing products;

 What you should have:

1. Bachelor’s or advanced degree in Electronics, Electric Engineering or Automation;

2. At least 5 years of experience in developing electronics products;

3. Proficient in embedded software development language (Assembly Language and C Language);

4. Familiar with software development under environment of VC, VB and other high-level programming languages;

5. Experienced in design of analog and digital circuits as well as development of SCM embedded systems;

6. Experience in software development for electric motor driving systems, control/display panel products is preferred;

7. Capable of working independently, good communication skills, team player;

8. Good command of English language;

Quick Apply: recruit@curtisinst.com


Hardware Design Engineer

Location: Suzhou, China

What you will do:

1. Hardware development for control systems for electric vehicles and control/display panels for industrial vehicles;

2. Interfacing and collaborating with software design, verification & validation engineering and testing engineering to 

    ensure that the final design of a product completely meets the pre-defined requirement;

3. Sustainment and upgrade of existing products;

4. Verification and validation of components, method of testing and result analysis to determine;

What you should have:

1. Bachelor’s or advanced degree in Electronics, Electric Engineering or Automation;

2. At least 5 years of experience in circuit design;

3. Proficient in design of analog and digital circuit as well as design of SCM embedded systems;

4. Familiar with electric motor and driving;

5. Capable of working independently, good communication skills, team player;

6. Good command of English language;

Quick Apply: recruit@curtisinst.com

Technical Writer

Location: Suzhou, China

What you will do:

1. Write English manual for the new products development;

2. Research and development of new products application support;

3. Support other technical documents such as TCF, MAF for FDA, etc. writing;

4. Provide English writing and oral training to relevant engineers;

What you should have:

1. Bachelor’s or advanced degree in Electronics, Electric Engineering or Automation;

2. More than three years related experience in technical documentation;

3. Proficient in both English and Chinese technical documents writing, oral fluency;

4. Understand the development of electronic products, the motor speed controller, input and output control module and  

display instruments and other products functions and applications, as well as the understanding of motor drive control  

theory and battery-driven industrial vehicles;

5. Strong learning ability, communication skills and team work ability;

Quick Apply: recruit@curtisinst.com


Component Engineer

Location: Suzhou, China

What you will do:

1. Looking for components and replacement components and suppliers, collaborative R&D and procurement department to reduce costs, improve quality and reliability;

2. Design and implement related components test, collect and analyze data, draft report;

3. Development and maintenance of components testing equipment and testing methods, including parameter validation,

    life testing and failure analysis;

4. Components related documents collection, drafting and maintenance;

5. Initiating and tracking the engineering changes related to components;

6. Supplier components change and abolition of the response and tracking management;

What you should have:

1. Bachelor’s or advanced degree in Electronics, Electric Engineering or Automation;

2. More than five years relevant working experience;

3. Familiar with electronic components industry and supply chain;

4. Proficient in electronic components technology including semiconductors, passive/active, electromagnetic,

    electromechanical and other components;

5. Understanding of power electronics and switching power supply;

6. Understand the process of product development from design to production;

7. Good communication skills and good English skills;

Quick Apply: recruit@curtisinst.com

Open Positions in Suzhou, China

Software/Hardware Design/Component Engineer&Technical Writer

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Just released

New Acuity® Video

The newest, most accurate, most reliable and most complete set of vehicle battery information explained in a short video.

enGage Video

New enGage® Video

Click to see the new video for the programmable Curtis color LCD vehicle instrument enGage VII.

Increased Performance, Improved Functionality

▶▶ Higher peak current rating allows use of a physically smaller controller for a given
load, for easier installation in any vehicle.
▶▶ CE marked as a programmable safety device under EN ISO 13849-1.
▶▶ Models available for 250A–1000A output at 24–80V system voltages. These are
true 2 minute RMS ratings, not short duration ‘boost’ ratings.
▶▶ Enhanced 64MHz micro and additional FLASH memory doubles the available VCL
code space and provides more than twice the VCL execution speed.
▶▶ VCL-configurable CAN ‘mailboxes’ provide highly flexible CAN master capabilities.
▶▶ Advanced Pulse Width Modulation techniques produce low motor harmonics,
low-torque ripple and minimized heating losses, resulting in high efficiency.


Unmatched Flexibility

▶▶ Programmable for either traction or pump applications.
▶▶ Field upgradeable software.
▶▶ Integrated battery state-of-charge algorithm and hour meters.
▶▶ Fully-featured generic software and VCL for typical Warehouse Truck
applications is included on 24V 1232SE and 1234SE models.
▶▶ Comprehensive programming options and VCL allow other applications to be
easily supported.
▶▶ Curtis hand-held or PC Windows programming tools provide easy programming
and powerful system diagnostic tools.
▶▶ Integrated status LED provides instant diagnostic indication.


Robust Safety and Reliability

▶▶ Dual Microprocessor architecture cross-checks critical
circuits, logic, and software functions to ensure the highest
possible functional safety performance level is achieved.
▶▶ Insulated metal substrate power-base provides superior
heat transfer for increased reliability.
▶▶ Fail-Safe power component design.
▶▶ Reverse polarity protection on battery connections.
▶▶ Short circuit protection on all output drivers.
▶▶ Thermal cutback, warning, and automatic shutdown
provide protection to motor and controller.
▶▶ Rugged sealed housing and connectors meet IP65
environmental sealing standards for use in harsh


Meets or complies with relevant US and International Regulations

▶▶ EMC: Designed to the requirements of EN12895.
▶▶ Safety: Designed to the requirements of:
EN (ISO) 13849-1
▶▶ IP65 Rated per IEC 60529.
▶▶ UL recognized per UL583.
▶▶ Regulatory compliance of the complete vehicle system
with the controller installed is the responsibility of the
vehicle OEM.


More smaller, More powerful

New enhanced SE-Series AC Controllers

The Curtis ‘SE’ AC controllers utilize the latest technology to increase the peak current ratings for each size of controller.